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craig2058: hi
Karina Lynn: jo
Karina Lynn: hi*
craig2058: how you doing?
Karina Lynn: ok
Karina Lynn: you
craig2058: im ok thanks
craig2058: just chillin here with me and my brother
Karina Lynn: ok
craig2058: we imed you because we thought you looked hella cute
craig2058: haha
Karina Lynn: um thanks
Karina Lynn: but i have a boyfriend
Karina Lynn: AND i hate the word hella
craig2058: ok really cute?
Karina Lynn: i still have a boyfriend
craig2058: and we were just complimenting you is all
Karina Lynn: ok thanks
craig2058: didnt ask you to hook up with us lol
Karina Lynn: i know, but still
craig2058: your not allowed compliments?
Karina Lynn: i suppose i am

*He sends me an invite to view his webcam*

Karina Lynn: i don't want to see your cam.
craig2058: damn you trippin
craig2058: HELLA trippin
Karina Lynn: Look dipshit
Karina Lynn: i don't want to talk to your ghetto ass
Karina Lynn: i have a boyfriend
Karina Lynn: i bet you didn't even bother to read my fucking profile
craig2058: what the fuck you make a profile online if you dont want anyone fuckin iming you? ididnt ask your ass out or anything what the fuck
craig2058: i just complimented your ass
Karina Lynn: go away.
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