mazel tov cocktail (workinclaslass) wrote in db_chronicles,
mazel tov cocktail

he'ssssss bbbbaaaaaaccckk


zoomgollygolly: may i kiss you tonight?
workinclaslass: yea, how about on my ass
zoomgollygolly: that was the plan
zoomgollygolly: i love ass
zoomgollygolly: all ass
zoomgollygolly: i must kiss your ass
zoomgollygolly: all over
zoomgollygolly: PLEASE!
zoomgollygolly: satisfied?
zoomgollygolly: come over tonight
zoomgollygolly: i need you
zoomgollygolly: you need me
zoomgollygolly: we need each other
zoomgollygolly: and i got the hots for you
zoomgollygolly: you're adorable
zoomgollygolly: damnit
zoomgollygolly: i'm gonna kiss it
zoomgollygolly: and lick it
zoomgollygolly: and bite
zoomgollygolly: it
zoomgollygolly: and slap it
zoomgollygolly: and kiss it some more
zoomgollygolly: ooooooooooooooooo
zoomgollygolly: omfg
zoomgollygolly: i must worship your ass
zoomgollygolly: and the rest
zoomgollygolly: oh, the rest
zoomgollygolly: omfg
zoomgollygolly: i am about to spurt this instant
zoomgollygolly: i must feast on your glistening petals
zoomgollygolly: what time can you be here?
zoomgollygolly: or need it pick you up
zoomgollygolly: need i
zoomgollygolly: you have a car, right?
zoomgollygolly: sawgrass to 441
zoomgollygolly: north
zoomgollygolly: pass yamato
zoomgollygolly: 2nd light, make right
zoomgollygolly: 1st left
zoomgollygolly: left on trace f-n
zoomgollygolly: 9747c on left
zoomgollygolly: yummytime!
workinclaslass: are you nuts
zoomgollygolly: nope
workinclaslass: well that's a given
zoomgollygolly: hopeful
zoomgollygolly: very hopeful
workinclaslass: why on earth would you ever think i would come over there
zoomgollygolly: because it will be awsome
zoomgollygolly: we will have a super time
zoomgollygolly: i love you to pieces
zoomgollygolly: and want to make it with you real bad
workinclaslass: how the fuck can you love me
workinclaslass: you don't even know me
zoomgollygolly: i love what i know of you
zoomgollygolly: it can only get better
zoomgollygolly: and if it doesn;t, who cares, we'll have a great time anyway
zoomgollygolly: you know a new lay is always good
zoomgollygolly: we'll be GREAT
zoomgollygolly: there's something else we could do tonight that is better than being together?
zoomgollygolly: i think not
zoomgollygolly: we make each other laugh
zoomgollygolly: and i have the hots for you
workinclaslass: i laugh at YOU
zoomgollygolly: that's FINE
zoomgollygolly: i laugh at me too
zoomgollygolly: why do you think you do
zoomgollygolly: i give you the chance
zoomgollygolly: by being a shithead
zoomgollygolly: for my and your benefit
zoomgollygolly: i want to play with you
zoomgollygolly: bring the yummies
zoomgollygolly: (them being your parts)
zoomgollygolly: all your lovely parts
zoomgollygolly: which are so yummy
zoomgollygolly: for my tummy
zoomgollygolly: maybe it wil be only once
zoomgollygolly: but it will be one good time
zoomgollygolly: i'm guessing it will be more than once
zoomgollygolly: i'm guessing htat once we realize we get along in bed, we'll want more than bed
workinclaslass: oh, is that how it works
zoomgollygolly: yes, that is the way men think
zoomgollygolly: sex first
zoomgollygolly: we like, we want more
zoomgollygolly: and give more to get it more
zoomgollygolly: you HAVE personality
zoomgollygolly: what are you worried about?
zoomgollygolly: you're likeable
zoomgollygolly: you don;t need me
zoomgollygolly: but i might like you
zoomgollygolly: and voce versa
zoomgollygolly: if i sense that you like me, i might just make a conscious decision to be yours
zoomgollygolly: who knows
zoomgollygolly: i don;t
workinclaslass: hahaha
workinclaslass: hahahahahaahahaha
zoomgollygolly: we've both done htis before
workinclaslass: are you fucking SERIOUS
zoomgollygolly: only now we want more
zoomgollygolly: a relaitonship
zoomgollygolly: it can start this way
zoomgollygolly: my last one did
zoomgollygolly: sex on the second date
zoomgollygolly: prefer that?
zoomgollygolly: a date first?
zoomgollygolly: fine with me
zoomgollygolly: i like you
zoomgollygolly: you won;t bore me
zoomgollygolly: i don't see why we should wait
zoomgollygolly: i don;t think any less of myself or the girl if we do it the first night
zoomgollygolly: i have a very good friend now with whom i had sex the first night
zoomgollygolly: she's very cool
zoomgollygolly: we might see prince together
zoomgollygolly: sex may never happen with us again, but that's ok
zoomgollygolly: fine with me if you and i have it that way
zoomgollygolly: we should at least try though
workinclaslass: you're a fucking LUNATIC
zoomgollygolly: i'm not phased by that
zoomgollygolly: hopefully you arren;t either
zoomgollygolly: imagine me in bed
zoomgollygolly: heh heh
zoomgollygolly: i have no mental boundaries
zoomgollygolly: imagine me in bed
zoomgollygolly: everything goes
zoomgollygolly: and if i am inspired, turned on....
zoomgollygolly: oh girl
zoomgollygolly: you best be careful
zoomgollygolly: i might createa new pleasure spot on you
zoomgollygolly: but i digress
zoomgollygolly: and talk too much
zoomgollygolly: etc
zoomgollygolly: muah
zoomgollygolly: let's see what we can feel tonight
zoomgollygolly: or asap
workinclaslass: how much speed do you blow through in a day?
zoomgollygolly: lol
zoomgollygolly: 110 on the turnpike w/o a helmet
zoomgollygolly: heh heh
zoomgollygolly: just got a new cycle
zoomgollygolly: honda magna
zoomgollygolly: quickest cruiser made
zoomgollygolly: i have doggies too
zoomgollygolly: (gave away the birds)
zoomgollygolly: let's be lovers tonight (or asap)
zoomgollygolly: and hopefully we will want a repeat
zoomgollygolly: are you available tonight?
workinclaslass: i'll NEVER be available
zoomgollygolly: oh
zoomgollygolly: ok
zoomgollygolly: you don;t like yourself very much, i guess
zoomgollygolly: you like to deny yourself sex with a handsome wealthy genius who likes you
zoomgollygolly: oh well
zoomgollygolly: sucks to be you
zoomgollygolly: must have been abused and/or neglected growing up
zoomgollygolly: that wouls explain all the cumguzzling
workinclaslass: laff
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I really hope that picture was taken BEFORE Labor Day, cause you're not supposed to wear white after! :P

zoomgollygolly: i am about to spurt this instant
Premature Ejaculation anyone?

zoomgollygolly: i must feast on your glistening petals
I don't even know what to say to this but: BWHAHAHAHAHA OMG WTF?

zoomgollygolly: and want to make it with you real bad
He wants to make WHAT with you exactly? What is this mysterious "it" he's talking about?

zoomgollygolly: i might createa new pleasure spot on you
Is he going to find your H Spot?

zoomgollygolly: you like to deny yourself sex with a handsome wealthy genius who likes you
If he was any of that, he would not be looking for pussy online.

zoomgollygolly: must have been abused and/or neglected growing up
Yes, you must be fucked up cause you won't meet up with some weird stranger and let him fuck you! What's wrong with you! I think you need to see a shrink! :P

zoomgollygolly: that wouls explain all the cumguzzling
It actually seems like there is NO cumguzzling going on here...

And it does seem like he's on speed. Did you report him to yahoo? He looks hairier than Robin Williams!
What a chode.
*writes down address* I'm gonna go and make fun of him. :D