uranium-235 (fidgety) wrote in db_chronicles,

I think I scared him away.

akaboy22: hi
akaboy22: i'm from grove city
akaboy22: wanna chat?
Fidgety: Okay, I guess.
akaboy22: you from new castle, right?
Fidgety: Yeah.
akaboy22: cool
akaboy22: so how are you today?
Fidgety: Fairly fair.
akaboy22: lol
akaboy22: nice
akaboy22: so what are you into?
akaboy22: hobbies, interests
akaboy22: etc?
Fidgety: World domination, knitting, chess, fictional writing.
akaboy22: world domination?
akaboy22: how does that work?
Fidgety: Uhm, how do you think it works?
akaboy22: i dunno
akaboy22: are you starting an army?
Fidgety: Actually, yes. I found a cloning machine at the thrift store.
Fidgety: Someday I shall have an army of me.
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