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I'm charming. Really.

Nobody has really posted here in a while, so here's some of my lameness.

thedigitalpunkz: you busy?
Miss Fidgety: No, I'm ill.
thedigitalpunkz: oh no
thedigitalpunkz: whats up
Miss Fidgety: I've got The Plague. Nothing more than that.
thedigitalpunkz: a cold
Miss Fidgety: Indeed.
Miss Fidgety: I just like saying "The Plague". It sounds more nefarious.
thedigitalpunkz: sounds funny
thedigitalpunkz: do you have a picture
Miss Fidgety: I should, but Photobucket's down.
thedigitalpunkz: can you not directly connect
thedigitalpunkz wants to directly connect.
thedigitalpunkz cancels request; no connection was made. (Note: For best results, you and your buddy should use the latest version of AIM.).
Miss Fidgety: No, my computer's acting wonky.
thedigitalpunkz: ah ok
thedigitalpunkz: well what do you look like
Miss Fidgety: Uhm. A girl.
thedigitalpunkz: thats good
thedigitalpunkz: any more
Miss Fidgety: Not really.
Miss Fidgety: I gotta go hack up a lungful of mucous now. Later.
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