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db_chronicles's Journal

the douchebag chronicles
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this is a place where people (mainly women, but men are free to post as well) can post instant messages, e.mails and other froms of internet commuication pertaining to FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS...this started out as a contest between xxtxcherryxx and myself, workinclaslass to see who got the most disgusting, perverted, insane messages from men over the net...but the more that people read our posts, the more they wanted to participate...so here we are ladies and gentalmen...i give you...THE DOUCHEBAG CHRONICLES!


This is an open forum for people to post instant messages, e.mails, or anything else pertaining to perverted, jerk-faced assholes out on the net that you come into contact with..anything off topic will be deleted...this is mainly for entertainment purposes, so no fighting or name calling will be tollerated...try to have fun and take things with a grain of salt...if you're offended by off color comments or remarks, this is NOT the place for you..


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