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Little background on my story:

I am Kisschick1976 on Yahoo! Instant Messenger and if you see my profile you can see that I am not wanting to talk to perverts and that I am married. So this asshat IM's me and what I have been doing latley when I get a pervert is pretend I am my husband and talk shit/play mind games. It's wicked fun! Here is today's entry, behind a cut for the language :) enjoy!

j_cahill2003: lets hook up
j_cahill2003: could make those tittie flop better than your ol man could
Vikki: ahh another loser who can't read... great
j_cahill2003: you know you want my cock in your ass
Vikki: did you honestly think my wife, or any other woman out there would give it up after a shitty line like that?
j_cahill2003: id fuck your fat ass then blow on your face
Vikki: ahhh can't read or punctuate... great combination.
j_cahill2003: and you cant spell dumb fuck
Vikki: I was trying to make things easier on you.
j_cahill2003: shes fugly anyway dude bag it
Vikki: then why did you even bother to IM her?
j_cahill2003: she was tring to look sexy thought i would try to build the confidence up but it would take more than words when the mirror hit her again
Vikki: Awww she was good enough for you to fuck her and now that you can't have her she's ugly this is priceless!!!! come on what else you got?
j_cahill2003: i would probably fuck her way better than you could but i would def have to bag that face
Vikki: is that the best you could do?
j_cahill2003: yuk
j_cahill2003: hey dude dont be made at me your the one who has to look at her
Vikki: don't be made?
Vikki: your the one?
Vikki: damn
Vikki: what grade level of school did you drop out from?
Vikki: So let me get this straight, you are a loser who can't read, spell, punctuate, use contractions and your idea of fun is to IM married women. I feel sorry for you.


he he he, he never came back after the last couple of insults. I put him on ignore after 5 min of silence!
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