Boop-oop-a-doop (sugarpunkfairy) wrote in db_chronicles,

the other night i fell asleep without putting on an away msg, i usually do that and this is what i woke up to...

Voxel Block (3:03:42 AM): I can see my hands slowly moving over the contours of your beautiful body, along your calves, your thighs, your waist, feeling and gripping your breasts. I would spread your legs with my each hand moving down your inner thigh, resting just beside your wet lips, teasing you. I'd ease my throbbing cock into your perfectly wet and tight vagina and your legs would tighten around me as I began to rythmicly thrust into you, filling your body completely with my cock. I'd kiss your neck tenderly as my hands as my hands brushed away your hair, then moved down to your firm tits and grabbed ahold of them, squeezing, pinching and teasing your hard nipples. I'd kiss you soft and hard as we both came closer to orgasm, each of us moaning in ecstasy, and then as I came I'd look directly into your eyes and I'd say your name as the orgasm was rocking my body and you tightened around me with your own orgasm, my cum filling your shaking body.

how rude!!! he didnt even say hello...give a name???? i dont feel swooned at all!

so afterwards i put him on my buddylist to figure out how he got my sn so i talk to him a day later and he just keeps saying how he hopes i got pleasure and enjoyment from his message....but he doesnt even remember how he got my sn or who i am...and what makes this guy more sad and pathetic he's not some crazed perverted old man like most of the guys on the internet he's 23...sad sad sad
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