Karina Lynn (karinalynn) wrote in db_chronicles,
Karina Lynn

sexi_guy_4u_6969 sends me his webcam. He's fully dressed.

sexi_guy_4u_6969: mic n cma hun?
karinalynn: english hun?

He takes his pants off

sexi_guy_4u_6969: lol
sexi_guy_4u_6969: do u have a mic or cam?
karinalynn: no i do not
karinalynn: sorry
sexi_guy_4u_6969: r u watching?
karinalynn: i am
sexi_guy_4u_6969: i like?
karinalynn: you like?
karinalynn: i like
sexi_guy_4u_6969: i meant do u
sexi_guy_4u_6969: lol
karinalynn: i know
karinalynn2: you know what would be hot?
karinalynn: it would get me super horny
sexi_guy_4u_6969: what?
karinalynn: can you wrap it in foil?
karinalynn: for some reason that really does it for me
karinalynn: what?
karinalynn: i was serious

Hahahaha...he never responded after that.
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